The following is an approximate translation of the text printed on the sleeve of the Hohner Clavinet I demo record. Translation by Jesper Asp Sørensen.


Hohner Clavinet

(Front cover, right): Sound examples

(Back cover):

(also playable in mono)

A small charming (enchanting) electronic musical instrument with a unimaginable sonic potential for home music, entertainment and beat music.

Actually the Hohner Clavinet is a electronic clavichord with a section of strings that transverses the keyboard. The hand of the player has direct contact with the string via the key. The vibration of the string is converted into electrical oscillation and lead to an amplifier. For sound production we especially recommend the Hohner Orgaphon amplifier, but a radio(unit) can also be used. Built into the instrument there is a small trasistor amplifier, that is powered by batteries, so the instrument can be played for rehersal and in small rooms independent of the power network. Piano players can also practice during the late evenings or at night without bothering their neighbours.

The HOHNER Clavinet embraces all voices from delicate 'piano' to 'forte'. The sonority is outstanding.

The instrument sounds soft as velvet.....or beat hard.

Technical data:

60 keys in normal width - Key register F-e´´´= 5 octaves
Size: 120x35x73 cm (Leg room for the player 60 cm)
Manual height 73 cm - Weight ca. 25 kg
Housing: Nuttree structure

Pantent pending home and abroad


This record gives a number of sound examples in which the musical possibilities of the HOHNER clavinet are demonstrated. Therefore both serious examples and popular entertainment music styles are employed and the most different styles taken into consideration. Then the listener can achieve a comprehensive impression of the sonoric versatility of the HOHNER clavinet.

Manuscript: Ernst Zacharias


1 cm = appr. 0.4 inch
1 kg = appr. 2.2 pounds


The following is an approximate translation of the spoken part of the Hohner Clavinet I demo record. Translation by Jesper Asp Sørensen.


Side A:

Dear music lover. With this prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach we would like to introduce you to a new music instrument from the HOHNER company. The Hohner Clavinet (that's what our new instrument is called) is a mechanical elctronic music instrument. Metal strings are striked by a simple mechanism. The vibration of the strings are transformed into electronic oscillation, amplified and played through a speaker. The tonal range employs 5 octaves. The HOHNER Clavinet is independent of mains. A battery supplies the power. Amplifier and speakers are built into the instrument. For playning in an environment where the sound travels or for praticing you can also use headphones.

The sonoric possibilities of The HOHNER clavinet makes the instrument ideal for home musicians or concert playning musicians but also for all kinds of modern entertainment and dance music.

Please notice how differentiated the dynamics are only by means of striking the keys. In the following piece, the "Wiegenlied" by Robert Schumann the left hand plays muted triplets while the right hand plays the melody.

Please listen to the beginning of the interlude no. 2 from "Rosamunde" by Franz Schubert. Here we want to show you how the musical room from "piano" to "forte" can be expressed only by means of striking the key.

If you want to play in bigger rooms and the built in speakers don't suffice then you can always plug in a good radio unit or a suitable amplifier. On the Hohner Clavinet you can play almost play all kinds of music. From the earliest piano music to ......(lacks).... - the entire musical field is open for you. An example: zither music played on the Hohner Clavinet.

And a spanish guitar sounds something like this!

At the end please listen to this chorale, with this we want to show you how suitable our instrument also is for this kind of music.

Side B:

On this side, dear music lover, we would like to present to you the HOHNER Clavinet in connection with a rhythm group. For the lovers of Swing and entertainment Dieter Reith quartet. Dieter Reith at the HOHNER Clavinet, Jürgen Francke: guitar, Werner Schultze: bass and Hermann Mutschler: drums. We hope you'll enjoy it!